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Star Trek: The Next Generation turns 30 and this means I am old

Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered on this day, 30 years ago. Yep, thirty years. Which means I was thirteen when I watched the first episode and that I am quite old now. Let me reflect a bit on exactly how old I am. When Star Trek: TNG first … [Read more...]

Monday Musings

I’ve been walking around more lately, even in the heat. Partly I’m walking to keep myself healthy. Partly I’m walking to get my sense of smell back. I read that exercise is supposed to help. I couldn’t smell anything for about three weeks this summer … [Read more...]

Madison Monday: what we don’t know

When you fly into Key West, you spend a lot of time over the ocean before anything like land appears. There is water and water, and then tiny dots of green stuck in the middle. The first time I flew to Key West what struck me was how alone the island … [Read more...]

Madison Monday: Labor Day Ramblings

Cool Weather This weekend the weather turned cool for a few days and suddenly I wanted to do all the things. I got out of bed so excited on Friday. So excited about a whole day of drizzly rain. Rain and rain and rain (and not the sort like in … [Read more...]