Books I read in June

My husband and daughter left me AGAIN in June, though this time for a shorter period of time. Also at the beginning of the month, I got sick. Like, running a fever, feel like death, coughing so much I couldn't sleep in the same bed with my husband … [Read more...]

Books I read in May

As some of you may know, my husband left for nine days in Ireland and Scotland in May. So in addition to binge-watching two and a half seasons of Orphan Black, I also did a lot of reading. I read at least sixteen books in May. It's hard to tell on … [Read more...]

Book Review: The Open Road

The Open Road: The Global Journey of the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, by Pico Iyer, is not a biography. It’s not a treatise on Tibetan Buddhism or an examination of the political situation of Tibet as a nation. Pico Iyer is a travel writer, so true to the … [Read more...]

Books I’ve read so far this summer

It's that time of summer when the waiting begins. Going outside at least several times a day to check the length of the little eggplant forming. The size of the pepper. The color of the tomatoes hanging on the vine. Before the next wave of … [Read more...]

Indiana Book Review: The Circus in Winter

Here’s an important lesson I recently learned–when you’re going to a writer’s conference, read the books written by the authors who will be leading workshops and teaching classes. Otherwise you might miss out. This summer, I went to the Midwest … [Read more...]

Finishing the book

One of the latest things buzzing around the book world on the internet is this infographic from Goodreads that sums up why people don’t finish reading books. Interestingly, it also demonstrates that a whole lot of people do, in fact, finish books. … [Read more...]

Summer begins with a stack of books

I haven’t taught a class since the last part of April, but it still hasn’t felt like summer. Something was missing. It wasn’t the hot weather; we’ve had plenty of that. It wasn’t the absence of a graduation ceremony; those have been happening all … [Read more...]

Book Preview: Eleanor and Park

I love this book, and what a relief it is to be able to say that again. I’ve been in something of reading drought, and this book was like a little oasis. I love this book for the title (it sounds like an intersection, as in “Meet me at the corner … [Read more...]

Top Fiction Books of 2012

My 2012 fiction reading year started off strong. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say that my good reading year of 2011 carried over a bit. For the first 3-4 months I was tearing through books, on track to do better than the 120 books I read last … [Read more...]

Why I’m reading Great Expectations

- Mostly because the only other Dickens I’ve ever read was A Tale of Two Cities in high school, and that just doesn’t seem right. - Because not having read Great Expectations constitutes a serious gap in one’s cultural literacy. I know that Pip … [Read more...]