The terror of intimacy and a review of Gone Girl

I derive a perverse pleasure from reading about bad marriages.  Or maybe there’s nothing perverse about it.  Maybe I feel the compulsive need to conduct in-depth autopsies of what went wrong in other people’s relationships so as not to repeat their … [Read more...]

Telegraph Avenue Read Along: What do I know about being white?

Welcome back to the penultimate post of the read-along of Michael Chabon’s new novel, Telegraph Avenue, sponsored by Emily at As the Crowe Flies (And Reads!) and Harper Collins.  You can check out the very insightful comments of many other … [Read more...]

Telegraph Avenue Read-Along: The Church of Vinyl

Let me start out by saying how very impressed I am by the book-smarts and general overall intellect of the other folks participating in this read-along, sponsored by Emily at As the Crowe Flies (And Reads!).  How do I know these folks are so … [Read more...]

Telegraph Avenue Read-Along: Dream of Cream

It was on p. 44 of Michael Chabon’s forthcoming novel, Telegraph Avenue, that I breathed a sigh of relief.  “Oh, thank goodness.  I did not sign up for a read-along for a novel that would be 464 pages of torture,” I said to myself on p. 44.  Which is … [Read more...]

Telegraph Avenue Read Along: Why Chabon?

My good friend, Emily at As the Crowe Flies (And Reads) is hosting a read-along of Michael Chabon's new novel, Telegraph Avenue.  This novel is so new, it's not even out yet, but you can pre-order a copy for September 2012, here.  This is my first … [Read more...]

Book Review: Alif, the Unseen

I started writing a very small review of this book for my end of the month wrap-up a few days ago.  But as I wrote, I found I had more to say than would fit into a mini-review.  So here’s that more that I have to say.All the buzz about Alif, the … [Read more...]

Monthly Wrap-Up: June

Summer is only nine days old in southern Indiana and already it is hot, hot, and hotter.  We’re looking at our second day of above 100 temperatures and the new definition of “cooling off” around here is when the thermometer dips below 95.  It’s also … [Read more...]

Book (Pre)View: The Twelve Rooms of the Nile

Let me just start in the way of a ringing endorsement for this book by saying that I skipped another round of consignment store shopping (really my favorite kind of shopping) in order to finish this book.  And it was worth it.The Twelve Rooms of the … [Read more...]

Sand between the pages: Top ten beach reads

It's been ages and ages since I've done a Top Ten List from The Broke and the Bookish so I thought I'd give this week's a whirl. You can contribute your own top ten list by going here.This summer, I will not be headed to the beach, but to the … [Read more...]

Nature Book Review: Rambunctious Garden

As I said last week in my review of Changes in the Land, Rambunctious Garden is the perfect follow-up book.  Changes in the Land was written, after all, in 1983.  William Cronon in his introduction critiques the equilibrium approach in ecology and … [Read more...]