Week of Winter Walking: Day Seven

As promised, Day Seven in my Week of Winter Walking takes us to sunnier climates, where my mom and dad are walking the beaches of Sanibel Island, Florida.  Most years, I'm down there with them, but due to irreconcilable differences in spring break … [Read more...]

Week of Winter Walking: Day Six

  Day Six in my Week of Winter Walking and the weather is still...crappy. Tomorrow, I promise you warmer weather with my Day Seven special guest post, which will be coming from a warmer climate than southern Indiana. But today, it was … [Read more...]

Bread Triumph! A super easy pane rustico

Earlier this week, I walked into a friend’s house to find a beautiful loaf of bread resting on her kitchen counter. “What is that?” I asked, with the particular tone of voice that I suppose many women (if I’m to believe the televison commercials) … [Read more...]

Re-post: No one said it would be easy

Not too long ago, someone commented on my blog that they liked my posts, especially the older ones.  And of course, I thought, "Really?"  Because we want to believe in a linear model of our life.  The first posts were crap, but since then, I've … [Read more...]

On over-parenting and letting go

A friend recently pointed me to an opinion piece in The New York Times by Madeline Levine about the crisis in American parenting.  It’s a great piece, and well worth a read, especially because it confirms many of things my husband and I already do as … [Read more...]

Straightening the bathroom towel and other acts of love

What with my step-daughter starting junior high this week, as well as doing a lot of thinking about step-parenting and parenting in general, I thought I'd re-post this little essay I wrote shortly after I became a parent.  I was thinking this morning … [Read more...]

Putting your child on the bus and insect encounters

It’s the second day of our daughter’s new career at the junior high here in Madison, and for the first time in ages, I was up and moving before it was technically light outside, getting her fed and ready for school.  It’s a nice morning to be up, all … [Read more...]

Simple Saturday: a couch in the kitchen

My kitchen couchSimple Saturday is the culmination of a list I've been compiling in my head of some simple things I’ve done that have made life for me and my family easier and generally more enjoyable. Some of them are things that you can buy, and … [Read more...]

Simple Saturday: The beauty of the panini maker

This Friday is a Kitchen Favorites party over at 33 Shades of Green.  Tell us about one of the favorite things in your kitchen and add your link.  I thought I would share my own love for my panini maker.For a while now I’ve been compiling a list in … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day reflections: Difficult is the loving, and also difficult is the not loving

In college, I took ancient Greek for my required language because I was in love with the professor and a boy. So while other folks were learning practical languages like Spanish and French, I was translating Sappho fragments. The fist bit of ancient … [Read more...]