Thinking about treadmills

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Thinking about my one precious life

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Madison: March 18, 2020

I wake up at six to the sound of cars on the street outside our house, the early rush hour that is Madison. This feels like several miracles. That I slept all the way through the night, managing to slip off the weight of anxiety for a few hours. That … [Read more...]

Madison Monday: Book Release

It’s been two weeks now since SHE/HE/THEY/ME was released. Two weeks since the big party at Village Lights Bookstore (Thank you everyone who came out to see me and talk and listen and bring me gin and tonic, etc. and to Nathan, Anne, Sean and Chelsea … [Read more...]

Madison Monday: Six Courses

Caprese-style bruschetta Coming back from Paris wasn’t easy. As a friend said, you can leave Paris, but Paris never leaves you. I haven’t written much about going to Paris because I’m afraid to wrap words around it. It feels impossible. For a … [Read more...]

Madison Monday: Stained-glass windows

Living in an old house in downtown Madison is a porous sort of way to live. The boundaries between you and the rest of the world are leaky. The outside seeps in and your inside drifts out. This can be good or bad. It’s bad when the screaming argument … [Read more...]

Madison Monday: Key West edition

Happy Monday from Key West, where the sun is shining and I am on my second day of two weeks in paradise. Seriously. Two whole weeks! This may be the best idea I’ve ever had. Taking the shuttle from the airport, I rode in with a couple who were … [Read more...]

Madison Monday: The List, 2018

I looked back through old Madison Monday posts this afternoon, trying to find some ideas for what to write about. There are a surprising number of posts with ‘winter’ or ‘snow’ or ‘cold’ in the title. I can only presume this is because being mostly … [Read more...]

Madison Monday: Finding Your Audience

When I tell people around town that I’m on sabbatical, some of them ask, “So will you be writing on your blog again?” They ask this in a way that I believe implies that they want the answer to be yes. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m going with that. It’s … [Read more...]