Monday Musings

I’ve been walking around more lately, even in the heat. Partly I’m walking to keep myself healthy. Partly I’m walking to get my sense of smell back. I read that exercise is supposed to help. I couldn’t smell anything for about three weeks this summer … [Read more...]

Madison Monday: what we don’t know

When you fly into Key West, you spend a lot of time over the ocean before anything like land appears. There is water and water, and then tiny dots of green stuck in the middle. The first time I flew to Key West what struck me was how alone the island … [Read more...]

Madison Monday: Labor Day Ramblings

Cool Weather This weekend the weather turned cool for a few days and suddenly I wanted to do all the things. I got out of bed so excited on Friday. So excited about a whole day of drizzly rain. Rain and rain and rain (and not the sort like in … [Read more...]

Preserving Places: The Coffee Shop and the Corner Store

This is roughly the speech I gave on Friday at Preserving Places: Indiana's Statewide Historic Preservation Conference in lovely Wabash, Indiana. Great conference and a great town. I was so impressed with all the amazing things happening around our … [Read more...]

Madison Monday: sleeping with the windows open

It really shouldn’t be warm enough in March to sleep with the windows open, but it is. Over the winter, you get used to hearing nothing more than the soft whooshing noise the heating system makes when it kicks on. In the winter, we live sealed off … [Read more...]

A walk along the river in July, or things that are real

This July, I can't get up early enough to beat the heat for my morning walk. Well, I guess I could, but this morning, I didn't. I got down to the river around 8:30 and the fog hadn't quite burnt off. It was one of those mornings when the water is so … [Read more...]

Madison Monday: A perfect place to be a writer

Last Friday night I had my reading and book launch for The Face of Baseball, my chapbook of linked short stories from WhiskeyPaper Press. As promised, there was beer and peanuts and, extra bonus, Crackerjacks! It was a small, rotating crowd of … [Read more...]

Madison Monday: Honorary bookseller for a day

This Saturday, I had the honor of being bookseller for a day at our local indie bookstore, Village Lights. The Indie Bound tradition started in 2013 with Sherman Alexie and involves authors all around the country selling books on Small Business … [Read more...]

Madison Monday: After Chautauqua

I wish I could be writing here about how fabulous Chautauqua was this year. Or about the Wild Ponies at Red Bicycle Hall, the first in the RiverRoots concert series. Or the Madison Area Arts Alliance showcase of local artists that took place at … [Read more...]

Madison Monday: Madison Main Street Loft Tour–It’s What’s Up With Downtown

If you're like me, at some point you've looked at a building in downtown Madison and thought, "I wonder what the upstairs looks like." For the first time this October, you'll get a chance to find out through the Madison Main Street Loft Tour. It's … [Read more...]