Madison Monday: It’s cold out there

It's cold out there this Monday. A balmy 14 degrees as I write. It's the kind of cold that makes your teeth and your face hurt, though that may also be because just the day before, it wasn't that cold at all. Sometimes in Indiana I think I can feel … [Read more...]

Madison Monday: In Real Life

I am not a particularly social media-savvy person. The first time I saw “IRL” on Twitter, I had to Google it to find out what it meant. “In real life,” as in, “I don’t talk about my cats as much IRL.” Let us hope no one talks about their cats as much … [Read more...]

Madison Monday: Madison Coffee and Tea, Rebooted

It was touch and go the last few weeks of summer in Madison for me. Madison Coffee and Tea closed down for a re-model and a re-boot. As excited as I was about the changes, it wasn’t easy being deprived of my window work spot for weeks at a … [Read more...]

Madison Monday: Chautauqua at night

There is no Chautauqua at night. The fair itself closes up at 5:00 on Saturday night. The streets empty out. Almost everyone leaves. It’s probably not surprising to discover that, for me, this is the very best part. There’s still a lot to see after … [Read more...]

Madison Monday: the hole in the street

There’s a hole in the street in front of my house. Not a pothole. Not a tiny little dimple in the surface of the concrete. No, this is the kind of hole that took effort to make. Jackhammers and backhoes. Hours and days were spent making this … [Read more...]

Madison Monday Flashback: The view of the stacks

This Monday, we're going  back to my post on the view of the stacks in honor of  my story, "Far from Home," which is up for Story of the Month at Bartleby Snopes. After you read about the stacks, go check out the story and vote for it here by … [Read more...]

About Far from Home

Stories are not like children; you do have favorites. “Far from Home” is one of mine, so forgive me in advance if I have a lot to say about this one. I am so, so pleased that it’s published and out there in the world. If you like the story, you can … [Read more...]

Madison Monday: early summer morning

If you get up early enough, the fog is still over the river. It hasn't rolled off onto the town, yet, like a sleepy person stretching out before getting out of bed. Some mornings up at the community garden, I've watched it creep all the way up onto … [Read more...]

Madison Monday: vegetable rules

My husband is something of a city boy and it's taken him years to internalize all the complicated rules around gardening, vegetables, and their storage. In fact, really, he's still learning. It's a lifelong process. But I thought for other folks … [Read more...]

Madison Monday: random thoughts

- I'm in the mountains this week while our daughter goes to camp, which is wonderful. But it's a little hard to leave the garden this time of year. I picked about four turning tomatoes just before I left. One of those was only barely ripe enough to … [Read more...]