Monkey Mind

In the fall, one of my colleagues in the philosophy department brought to campus a Tibetan lama, of the Bon tradition, which you’ll excuse me for summarizing, is kind of like Tibetan Buddhism, but also different. I claim no expertise, and though the … [Read more...]


Statistically, the odds of being killed in a plane crash are infinitely smaller than the odds of getting killed in your car. But few of us feel that gut-wrenching, white-knuckled fear when we get in our car to drive to work or the grocery store. Why … [Read more...]

The election and my mental health

I’ve by and large avoided talking about the election so far for several reasons. First, it just seems too insane to even wrap my mind around. Two, I was hoping that if I just didn’t talk about it or think about it, it would all go away. I’m still … [Read more...]

The non-attachment of cats

I've always been a cat person, though I've been around both of cats and dogs my whole life. To be completely fair, the dogs weren't allowed inside most of the time, but I thought there were perfectly acceptable reasons for that. But even if I had … [Read more...]