Baseball and inequality

Hey, go subscribe to my newsletter to get these posts delivered into your inbox, every Monday morning! Check it out here. People are willing to give up a lot in order to make sure others don’t get more. That’s what experimental economist Daniel … [Read more...]

Star Trek: The Next Generation turns 30 and this means I am old

Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered on this day, 30 years ago. Yep, thirty years. Which means I was thirteen when I watched the first episode and that I am quite old now. Let me reflect a bit on exactly how old I am. When Star Trek: TNG first … [Read more...]

What I love about Stranger Things

Jeff and I finished watching the new Netflix series, Stranger Things, on Thursday night, giving me plenty of time to reflect on the show and mourn that it's over (at least for now). Here's a list of some of the things I loved about this show: … [Read more...]

Why I love the Reds

If you’ve read my short story chapbook, The Face of Baseball, you might have figured out that I’m a Reds fan. There was never a lot of choice in the matter. I was born across the river in Kentucky, still safely Reds country. We went to a game every … [Read more...]

6 reasons to love Marvel’s Agent Carter

I'm late to the game and not yet all the way up to speed (I have three more episodes in season 2 to watch), but here are some things that are so great about Agent Carter and make this show so (sadly) unique: Very little cleavage. When Peggy … [Read more...]

Re-post: Dear NFL: Women are people, too

I wrote this post in November 2010, when Michael Vick was making what looked like might be his comeback with the Eagles. Now it's 2015 and he's been signed by the Steelers, and people, oh, the irony! Now the whole question of are dogs or women more … [Read more...]

A Sunday without football is…

A Sunday without football is almost not a Sunday at all. Oh, sure, the sun comes up. You have your coffee. Maybe even a little treat, like orange rolls fresh from the oven. But there's no pre-game shows. No GameDay Morning. No Rich Eisen and … [Read more...]

My love letter to So You Think You Can Dance

Dear So You Think You Can Dance, This is a hard letter for me to write. Not because it’s hard for me to think of things I love about your show, but because: first, there are so many things I love; and, second, sometimes the more you love … [Read more...]

Singing is more than just singing

The folks at GhostNote Music, a local music store owned by musicians, posted this link to an article about Harry Connick, Jr. on American Idol. The article basically explains what happens when Connick attempts to coach the four finalists on the show … [Read more...]

Cautious Man

It was a Tunnel of Love kind of weekend, as in the Bruce Springsteen album. Bruce wrote it while his marriage was falling apart, but I don't like to think of it as an album about the end of love. I like to think Bruce wrote it so we'd all know we're … [Read more...]