The Facebook Sonnet

You have to love Sherman Alexie. A great writer to follow on Twitter. Also obviously a big fan of Facebook. Thanks to Nick for passing this along.   The Facebook Sonnet by Sherman Alexie Welcome to the endless high-school Reunion. … [Read more...]

A haiku for Opening Day and National Poetry Month

It's National Poetry Month, April Fool's Day and Opening Day. Here's a haiku that celebrates all three of those occasions in just 17 syllables (though a pitcher really did get hit in the butt). Sometimes in baseball Pitchers get hit in the … [Read more...]

The NFL combine, race and bodies

It's NFL Combine Saturday, folks!  At 9:00 this morning, live drills begin.  In honor of this last opportunity to get your NFL fix before August, here's a re-post from last year: As a big fan of the NFL, I cannot quite resist the call of the … [Read more...]

Could Sam Gordon play in the NFL someday?

On yet another Sunday of less than mediocre football in the NFL, the best story by far was Samantha Gordon’s appearance on NFL Network’s pre-game show, Game Day Morning.  The 9 year old overnight youube sensation tackled Marshall Faulk and … [Read more...]

Twitter 101, Episode 3: You Don’t Know Hash!

It's Friday, and I'll be taking my blog back soon.  Today is the last guest post by Mr. Attack Resistance, in which he finally gets to the point and tells you how to use Twitter, and more importantly, that you should follow me.  And I guess him, too. … [Read more...]

Twitter 101, Episode 2: Faster than earthquakes

Today, welcome back Mr. Attack Resistance for his second guest blog about Twitter--why Twitter is faster than earthquakes.Here’s the second installment of my three part series on the ins and outs of Twitter. If you missed the first part, you can find … [Read more...]

Twitter 101: Episode 1, Timeline of Human Communication

Today is my first ever guest post on You Think Too Much!  As promised, my good friend Mr. Attack Resistance has written the first in a three part installment on the wonder and beauty that is Twitter.  Stay tuned tomorrow for the next installment on … [Read more...]

I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry

A young Hank Williams, withan eerily familiar guitarDon’t fear. I’m not, really.  Lonesome, that is.  With two full days of college classes behind me, I would describe myself as far from lonesome.  It’s not easy for students to find my office tucked … [Read more...]

Time for beer and football: A trip to Lucas Oil Stadium

The best compensation for having to go back to teaching classes this time of year is that it also quite neatly coincides with the beginning of football season.  Having completed what felt like a full week of pre-semester activities, my husband and I … [Read more...]

Why I hope the Dolphins lose this year

My husband and I are both big fans of the HBO series, Hard Knocks, which selects a different NFL team each season and follows them through training camp.  This year’s team is the Miami Dolphins, and based on what I’ve seen so far, I really hope they … [Read more...]