The Newsroom and my faith in democracy

As if in a vicarious celebration of our daughter’s first day back to school today, last night my husband and I camped out on the couch and watched about 4 straight hours of television.  I realize that for many Americans, that’s not really saying much … [Read more...]

What do all my favorite tv shows have in common?

The answer, my friends, is patriarchy.  This according to a piece in The New Yorker by Emily Nussbaum, and I can’t say she’s wrong.  In her review of Game of Thrones, Nussbaum points out that what this HBO drama based on the series of books by George … [Read more...]

My new iPhone: falling headfirst into the 21st century

My husband might have been one of the last people on the planet with a flip phone.  I was right behind him with a phone that didn’t flip, but didn’t have any keyboard either.  We talked a great deal about upgrading to a smartphone.  But both of us … [Read more...]

The NFL Combine, race and bodies

As a big fan of the NFL, I cannot quite resist the call of the Combine, the annual celebration of freakish athletic ability and the source of the intimate information sportscasters have about how quickly a linebacker can run 40 meters.  Here’s the … [Read more...]

To listen or not to listen: My three minute return to the land of news

I have a shocking confession to make.  When Obama won the election in 2008, I made a conscious decision to tune out.  After months of checking the internet compulsively for the latest polling numbers, I decided that I was done with the news.  I had … [Read more...]

What’s wrong with Christmas: Best Buy vs. Santa Claus

I would hardly claim to be a media critic, and I don’t write much about the media on this blog. But because my NFL football watching has been repeatedly disturbed by this series of commercials, I feel the need to vent a bit.I’m not the only one to … [Read more...]

Lyrical Reflections: The Perfect Space by the Avett Brothers

Inspired by Laurie's exploration of the connection between poems and musical lyrics at What She Read, and because it’s National Poetry Month, I decided to add a new feature. Do you ever have certain musical lyrics that get stuck in your head for … [Read more...]

To Dixie or not to Dixie?

Lew and Ben Snowden, perhaps the authors of "Dixie"Sooner or later, I was bound to get to a topic of infinite complexity and fascination for me, the American South. Here, specifically as it pertains to the fiddle. Recently, I decided that I want to … [Read more...]

Why I can’t watch Californication anymore

It is not great revelation to say that I had a huge crush on David Duchovny during The X Files days. Nor is it particularly unique. Yet, I was living a Duchovny-less life until a few years ago when a friend recommended I watch Californication. So I … [Read more...]

Dear NFL: Women are people, too

I’m a woman with a Ph.D. in sociology and I love the NFL. I realize that makes me a fairly small demographic and so the commissioner, the networks, ESPN and NFL Network are not really that concerned with my own personal perspective. But there are … [Read more...]