My morning ritual (the summer version)

- Wake up at 6:00. Toss and turn just enough to wake up my husband. Realize it is 6:00. Go back to sleep. - Wake up again at 6:50 when my husband's alarm goes off. Watch my husband get up. Some mornings, watch my husband turn off the alarm and get … [Read more...]

A random list

- A story about someone who goes foraging and afterwards suspects she ate a poisonous plant. Only, the plant doesn't kill her. It makes her feel as if she needs to shed her skin. Perhaps she does. The story would be much better than it actually … [Read more...]

The story of this winter

Here is a story that pretty much sums up the whole of this winter: After driving up to Columbus on Saturday in four inches of snow, or five, or maybe twelve--it's hard to keep track at this point--I parked my car on the street in front of the … [Read more...]

Five reasons why this winter will be the death of me

- The house smells like cabbage and probably will until April. My husband's idea for our winter salvation was a slow cooker, which I'm all behind. The problem arises from a marked difference of opinion on the subject of cabbage. I feel it's the … [Read more...]

Campus in the morning

[Read more...]

Boot envy

Regular readers know I have the very mildest cowboy boot obsession. I bought a pair back in January. Technically, I bought about 4 pairs in January as I sent successive sizes and widths back to Zappos in search of the perfect fit. Little did I know … [Read more...]

How the cafe at Barnes and Noble is like a really bad television show

I’m sitting in the café at Barnes and Noble, thinking, “The people here are all trying too hard. Was that me ten years ago?” And then, “All in all, I’d rather be back in Madison.” A confession Sometimes I am struck with the desire to get the … [Read more...]

Six Signs of Spring: I give up

After a week of feeling severely jet-lagged from Daylight Savings Time without the actual benefit of having actually traveled anywhere, I officially surrender.  I can think of no more signs of spring.  I thought about "sun," but it's not shining … [Read more...]

It’s cold and revising sucks

- It is cold. So, so cold. Do you remember back in December when I was all, “Say good-bye to winter,” as if that were a bad thing? Now I am feeling it is really time to say good-bye to winter. It is 63 degrees in my living room right now. Why did I … [Read more...]

The Healing Power of Beer, or How I Survived the Holiday Plague

I’d like to be able to say that I’ve been taking a bit of a holiday break from blogging, but the unfortunate truth is that I’ve just been struck down mightily by the worst holiday sickness ever. I would give you an intimate accounting of this … [Read more...]