Sociological fatigue

I’ve been teaching sociology for over ten years now, mostly in the same place, and I think it’s okay to admit at this point that I am tired. Which is not to say that I’m quite ready to go find something else to do, but tired enough to ask, what is it … [Read more...]

There is no skinny woman within

So this catalog showed up in my mail today. I've never heard of this company. Never ordered anything from them. I brought it inside and sat it on the dining room table and only just now picked it up. Are they selling luggage, I thought. I don't need … [Read more...]

Questioning Gender: second edition and Facebook page

The second edition of my textbook, Questioning Gender: A Sociological Exploration, is on its way. I took what I hope was a final look at the page proofs this week and it should be ready for the presses in February. I really like the cover they picked … [Read more...]

Driving to Montana and the gender of friendships

The hubs and I were having a conversation at the local bar recently (this happens from time to time). In describing the strength of his friendship with someone, he said, “If they called me and said they’re in Montana, can I come get them with $400, … [Read more...]

River Roots Re-Post: The Carolina Chocolate Drops and Way Up North in Dixie

River Roots--my very favorite Madison festival--is this Friday and Saturday. You can still get your wristband and come on down. This year, the Carolina Chocolate Drops are back for a repeat performance, and if you haven't seen them before, they're … [Read more...]

Millenials, Facebook and seeing a real, live owl

In my sociology of change class, we’re finishing the semester with a book called, Urban Tribes by Ethan Watters. In it, he tries to unpack the phenomenon of college-educated, never-marrieds cruising through the period that’s now being dubbed … [Read more...]

The NFL combine, race and bodies

It's NFL Combine Saturday, folks!  At 9:00 this morning, live drills begin.  In honor of this last opportunity to get your NFL fix before August, here's a re-post from last year: As a big fan of the NFL, I cannot quite resist the call of the … [Read more...]

Kickers, punters and women in the NFL

Let’s be honest–kickers and punters are the women of the NFL. No one expects them to tackle and everyone kind of giggles when they do. There are special rules in place to prevent anyone from touching their legs. They spend a great deal of their time … [Read more...]

Why George W. Bush does not explain my need for cowboy boots

There’s a picture of me somewhere in an old family photo album of me dressed up as Annie Oakley. I’m probably around 7-8, which is the age at which me and my sister in succession would have fit into this costume my mother had sowed. The costume … [Read more...]

Finding more love in 2013

Taking a sociology class isn’t always a pretty thing. Part of what my discipline does is to help students strip away a bit of the rose-colored glasses society equips us with in order to see the gooey insides. And those gooey insides aren’t always so … [Read more...]