The problem with happiness?

Somewhat ironically in the service of my own happiness project, inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s book of the same name, I’ve been looking at psychology blogs and stumbled across this one by Todd B. Kashdan, Ph.D. In this article, Kashdan cites research … [Read more...]

My hands smell like turkey: reflections on a long-time vegetarian eating meat

Yesterday, my little house smelled like a turkey cooking in the oven. This was nothing unusual for most people on Thanksgiving day, but what was strange for me was knowing that when the 20 pound animal cooking was done, I would be eating it. I’ve … [Read more...]

Dear NFL: Women are people, too

I’m a woman with a Ph.D. in sociology and I love the NFL. I realize that makes me a fairly small demographic and so the commissioner, the networks, ESPN and NFL Network are not really that concerned with my own personal perspective. But there are … [Read more...]