Madison Monday: MLK Day Reprise

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, a re-post of one of my very first Madison Monday's. I love this book and I love this story for the way it demonstrates how our racial reality becomes taken-for-granted as natural and given, even though it … [Read more...]

Preserving Places: The Coffee Shop and the Corner Store

This is roughly the speech I gave on Friday at Preserving Places: Indiana's Statewide Historic Preservation Conference in lovely Wabash, Indiana. Great conference and a great town. I was so impressed with all the amazing things happening around our … [Read more...]

The Great Macaron Experiment: Prologue

So there's life before you've tasted a macaron and life after you've tasted a macaron. I discovered this last November in Savannah, which seems an entirely appropriate place to cross the great macaron divide. I had heard talk of macarons, mostly from … [Read more...]

Madison Monday: Undeniably Indiana

Madisonians and other Hoosiers, here's your chance to tell your uniquely Indiana story and have it preserved for all time as well as sharing it with a larger audience. Indiana University Press is celebrating the Indiana bicentennial in 2016 with a … [Read more...]

Sometimes in February…

Sometimes in February, I lose it. I find myself sitting at our dining room table, eating a perfectly nice meal with my lovely husband, unable to stop crying. Or for a week in a row, I wake up every morning and seize on the ugliest thought I can … [Read more...]

Parker house pretzel rolls and a train of thought

Today I made these Parker house pretzel rolls. They didn't turn out as pretzel-y as the picture. And they might not have been as done as they could have been. Neither of these things kept me from eating three rolls, straight out of the pan, right out … [Read more...]

About Far from Home

Stories are not like children; you do have favorites. “Far from Home” is one of mine, so forgive me in advance if I have a lot to say about this one. I am so, so pleased that it’s published and out there in the world. If you like the story, you can … [Read more...]

Me vs. the zucchini, part 2

I didn't take any pictures of the sandwiches Thursday, and this is something of a tragedy. They were a thing of beauty. Well, it looked okay. It tasted awesome. Thursday, my friends came over for lunch, so of course, it was another opportunity … [Read more...]

So good it hurts

I’ve been reading some things lately that are so good it hurts that I didn’t write them. This story by Travis Hessman at PANK. Everything by Roxane Gay on tumbr. It’s what I felt the first time I read Wendell Berry–his novel Jayber Crow. So happy … [Read more...]

Madison Monday: At the Christmas Parade

This is my first Madison Monday post in a while, basically because I’ve become something of a reclusive shut-in. I’d blame it on the weather, but really, I’m just going through a phase where all in all, I’d rather be on my couch with the family than … [Read more...]