Me vs. the zucchini, part 2

I didn't take any pictures of the sandwiches Thursday, and this is something of a tragedy. They were a thing of beauty. Well, it looked okay. It tasted awesome. Thursday, my friends came over for lunch, so of course, it was another opportunity … [Read more...]

So good it hurts

I’ve been reading some things lately that are so good it hurts that I didn’t write them. This story by Travis Hessman at PANK. Everything by Roxane Gay on tumbr. It’s what I felt the first time I read Wendell Berry–his novel Jayber Crow. So happy … [Read more...]

Madison Monday: At the Christmas Parade

This is my first Madison Monday post in a while, basically because I’ve become something of a reclusive shut-in. I’d blame it on the weather, but really, I’m just going through a phase where all in all, I’d rather be on my couch with the family than … [Read more...]

Interview with Ellen Airgood, Part 2

It’s Week 4 of National Novel Writing Month. The home stretch at last! To celebrate and inspire, here’s more from my conversation with my friend and novelist, Ellen Airgood. Ellen is the author of the adult novel, South of Superior, and a middle … [Read more...]

Madison Monday: Growing up downtown, part 2

Back in January, I wrote a post that compared growing up in Madison to growing up out in the country. I was worried that my step-daughter wouldn’t have any space available to get away from her annoying parents when she reached that particular stage. … [Read more...]

The waiting really is the hardest part

You know something I’m really not good at? Waiting. You know something I’m epically ill-equipped to do? Wait. You know the virtue that would be on the very tip-top of my list of the ones I don’t have? Patience. You know what a writer spends a lot of … [Read more...]

Madison Monday: stormy weather

Part of my traveling last month was to Brevard, North Carolina, a beautiful little town nestled up against the Pisgah National Forest. This particular part of North Carolina, as my friend who lives there will tell you, is a temperate rain forest. … [Read more...]

Why I haven’t been blogging much lately

This is my obligatory “apology for not writing much lately and promise to do better” post. When I read other people’s blogs, these are some of my very favorite posts. They help me to remember that everyone struggles with consistency. With writing on … [Read more...]

The NFL combine, race and bodies

It's NFL Combine Saturday, folks!  At 9:00 this morning, live drills begin.  In honor of this last opportunity to get your NFL fix before August, here's a re-post from last year: As a big fan of the NFL, I cannot quite resist the call of the … [Read more...]