The loneliness of first base

We went to see a Reds game last night and sat behind first base. The seats were as close as I’ve ever been to a Major League field. If I walked down a few steps, I would have been on the same level as Joey Votto, the Reds first basemen and my … [Read more...]

National Poetry Month: Day 16

For Day 16, an anagrammatic poem about our cat, Kevin. Kevin Keep her, as in what my husband knew I would say if he pointed out the kitten on our back porch, small and black with ears too big for her head. Every day I tell her the things I would … [Read more...]

National Poetry Month: Day 15

Thom Brennaman and Chris Welch, the Reds TV announcers, are no Vin Scully. But even these two can't quite ruin the poetry in the language of a game being called.   Silky smooth You’ve gotta love that. That’s a double with style. He had 1 … [Read more...]

National Poetry Month: Day 11

These are found poems from the back of baseball cards. Specifically, those from the 1966 season and picked at random. Well, okay, not completely at random. My team (Reds), my partner's team (Braves), the team I like the least (Cubs--yeah, suck it, I … [Read more...]

National Poetry Month: Day 9

I always carry a little notebook of some sort with me. Sometimes they're fancy. The one I have now is a Slytherin notebook a friend brought back from London. I write all kinds of things in them. Lists and phone numbers and random ideas. They make a … [Read more...]

National Poetry Month: Day 8

There's a thin line between flash fiction and poetry. This is a piece I wrote in one of Kathy Fish's amazing Fast Flash workshops. If you ever have the opportunity to take one of her classes, do it. I firmly believe her workshop could pull amazing … [Read more...]

National Poetry Month: Day 7

I'm kind of getting into this whole found poem thing. What if poetry is everywhere and we just haven't been paying enough attention to hear it? This poem is taken from conversations at a senior art thesis defense, where students talk about and … [Read more...]

National Poetry Month: Day Six

  Such a beautiful sight Green is never as green as in the strange light after an April storm and I have 2,456 steps to go so I leave the sounds of the baseball game on the TV and step out the door. There’s a picture-perfect sunset … [Read more...]

National Poetry Month: Day Five

This morning, a blackout poem, which is a kind of found poem you make by blocking out various words in an existing document. This one came from an e-mail. Response to Colleagues Thank you We *do* … [Read more...]

National Poetry Month: Day 4

This poem dedicated to the folks at Hong Kong Kitchen, who are always there to feed us. Chinese Restaurant by David Shumate After an argument, my family always dined at the Chinese restaurant. Something about the Orient washed the … [Read more...]