Madison Monday: Sushi comes to Madison

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Sakka Blue in Madison, Indiana

A day late again, but better late than never.  I should report that though it has been raining in Madison today (in fact, the siren went off at 6:00 this morning to let us all know about a thunderstorm warning), it was technically not raining yesterday, when I should have been writing Madison Monday, but instead was engaged in the most satisfying task of pulling up the last bit of landscaping fabric from my back garden.  Landscaping fabric…I understand it’s lure, but is it just me, or does it really not seem to work?  Namely, what the landscaping fabric seems to do is cater to a very narrow range of weeds who thrive under the conditions of expanding their root systems under some fabric.  And thrive they do. 

Enough of the fabric; it’s finally gone.  Luckily, my delay allowed me to finally sample one of our newest eating establishments in Madison, Sakka Blue.  Sushi, my friends, yes, sushi, has come to Madison.  Just to bring you up to date, here is my list I made when I first moved to downtown Madison of the things we need in order to become the most perfect place in the world to live (right now, it’s pretty damn nice, but we’re talking fantasies in my head).

1.  A place to buy good wine.
Big check in this category.  Our local drugstore was purchased by a couple of pharmacists who luckily for us, also love wine.  The Madison Apothecary boasts a lovely selection of fine wines, stored, I might add, in the proper fashion (bottles laying on their sides).  They host wine tastings, they sponsor many community events.  They are your perfect lcoal business owner.

2.  A place to buy yummy cheeses and other gnosh craved by bougie foodies like myself.
Still working on this.  We did have Local Harvest market, but it went out of business.  Franco’s, our local Italian restaurant, does sell some nice deli cheese, including Boar’s Head.  But I want to be able to buy a nice brie, preferably Fromage d’Affoinis (I have no idea how to say that) which is basically like cheese butter.

3.  A place to buy good bread.
Working on this one.  My favorite hangout, the 605 Grille, are working towards bakery type status.  I feel certain the day is just around the corner when I can head down there on my bike for a nice boule or baguette.

4.  A bookstore.
Done.  The Village Lights Bookstore is everything you would want your local bookstore purveyors to be and more.  They host events.  They give to charities.  They garden in the community garden.  They take your used books and give you store credit.  They have two adorable cats.  Perfect.

5.  A beer brewery.
Hopefully, in the works.  Right next to Sakka Blue are some large beer vats which rumor has it will someday be up and operational as our own little brewery.  Madison used to have more than one brewery, back in the day when beer was seen as more of a necessity (oh. the good old days).  At times, various Madison entities have tried to persuade the New Albanians to come open a branch in our humble town, but at least you can drink their beer on tap at 605 and during the Folk Festival, which is right around the corner.

6.  An Indian restaurant.
Not yet.  Anyone looking to immigrate from India to a small town in the Midwest and open a restaurant?  I might personally be able to keep you open myself.  Closest Indian restaurant right now:  Columbus, Indiana or Louisiville, Kentucky.

7.  A sushi restaurant.
Yes!  Woo-hoo, woo-hoo!  Much celebration, we have a real sushi restaurant, with a real sushi chef.  It even looks like a real sushi restaurant.  And they made me an avocado roll today (yes, readers, I’m a vegetarian who also generally does not eat fish, even the raw kind).  Yummy, yummy and yummier.  One woman in the restaurant had driven all the way from Carollton (which, okay, is not that far, but still).

8.  A bead store.
Not a pressing need for our town, I admit, but it would be cool to be able to service my jewelry needs locally.  We do have a great knitting store, Harriet’s Knit Knook.

9.  A better restaurant on the river.
There are a few restaurants currently on the river.  The Lighthouse is literally floating on the river, and floating pretty high right about now, as the river’s up again.  But we could use one more restaurant on the river with a slightly more upscale menu and, the most important thing for me in almost any eating establishment, good beer.

All in all, I can’t complain.  Three out of nine things on my list are here, and more possibly on the way.  I could make another list of the things we’ve lost in Madison, which would include a real grocery store and cute little store like Whimsy, but let’s focus on the positive.

What kinds of things do you wish you had in your city or town?  What would your list look like?


  1. Robyn, don't forget you can buy delicious cheeses and bread at The Thomas Family Winery!
    I am waiting for Indian food too!
    Love your Madison blog!

  2. Thanks, Jane! I did forget about Thomas Family Winery. Thanks for reading.

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