A night at the game

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Joey about to hit a double

Joey about to hit a double

– We sat behind home plate, and things look different back there. From that angle, sometimes even I can tell the difference between a ball and a strike before the umpire makes the call.


– From where we sat, you could see some of the dugout. The Reds were playing the Dodgers. So I saw Clayton Kershaw pick his nose while sitting on top of a garbage can.

– One of the best moments of the game. Johnny Cueto had ten strike-outs in the game, and if he got eleven, everyone in the stadium gets free pizza. I’ve never seen Cincinnati fans quite that excited about anything. A whole ballpark full of people chanting, “We want pizza!”

– We saw a rainbow and the moon.

– The masculinity of baseball is so different from the masculinity of football. Football is a frantic game. A feverish game. The players are frothing at the mouth. They are overwrought even on the sidelines. But sometimes you feel like you might need to shake a baseball player on the bench just to wake him up. It is a cool pose masculinity. It is all about what’s going on under the surface of things. What is Joey Votto thinking when he stares into the distance? No one knows. Perhaps not even Joey.

I love this ballpark and the view.

I love this ballpark and the view.

– I could not be friends with someone who doesn’t get up and sing at the seventh inning stretch. How damaged must you be by life not to be able to participate in this ritual?

– We made my parents stay until the very end so that we could see Aroldis Chapman close. It was worth it.

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