Why I haven’t been blogging much lately

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This is my obligatory “apology for not writing much lately and promise to do better” post. When I read other people’s blogs, these are some of my very favorite posts. They help me to remember that everyone struggles with consistency. With writing on a schedule. With inspiration. They remind me that I’m not the world’s only slacker. So here goes.

1. I’ve been traveling. This doesn’t make it impossible to write blog posts. Other people do. For writers like my friend Marla, it’s kind of the whole point. Travel and write. Write and travel. When a lot of your posts are about the place where you live, it makes it a bit harder to travel and write. But mostly, I just find travel really exhausting, and when I’m exhausted, I don’t write.

2. I’m writing other things. A lot. Textbook revisions. A chapter in a social problems text. Quite a few short stories. Writing a blog post used to be a kind of warm-up or a change of pace from all this other kind of writing. Now I just plunge in.

3. Summer. You know that ironic thing where sometimes you can get more things done when there’s structure to your day? Maybe that is why I haven’t been writing any posts. There’s lots of time when I could be doing it. Then suddenly the day is over and it hasn’t happened.

4. Is anyone listening? I had to stop checking Google analytics for my blog. And my page rank.

Hatcher Hill

This is what I look like when I’m not blogging

And any other thing that might tell me whether people might be reading . The only measure I have left of my blog’s traffic is the amount of spam I receive, and I don’t think that’s the most reliable measure. This had to be done for the sake of my own sanity. So now I am blogging blind, which is what I was doing at the very beginning. Sending messages out into the universe with no clear sense of whether anyone is listening or not. It should be freeing. So far, that has not been the case.

5. Sometimes, you just might need a break. So, break taken. In the grand tradition of the “apology for not writing much lately and promise to do better” post, I hereby promise to post more. Also in that grand tradition, this might not be the last time I make such a promise.


  1. Oh, it’s hard when people don’t leave comments, isn’t it? Sorry that I’ve been slacking in that diretion myself. Way to go on all of the writing that you’re doing!

    I admit, I find it harder to read your blog now that I don’t have your feed showing up in Blogger. Most of the time I get the email about the new post when I’m at work and I try not to do non-work-related internet stuff at work.

    Hope all is well!

    • That’s sweet, Emily. Sorry about the exodus from Blogger. I can’t say I’m very good at keeping up with many blogs myself. Thanks for commenting, though!

  2. and true to tradition, i jump back to apologise for being slow on commenting or needing to be prompted :/ i come to your blog so often to check for updates (i dont use a reader or a feed), or even to re-read old posts, i wonder i dont push up your analytics reading by myself 😉 i hope you continue to find pleasure in writing here and respite in the occasional slacking too!

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