National Poetry Month: Day 15

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Thom Brennaman and Chris Welch, the Reds TV announcers, are no Vin Scully. But even these two can’t quite ruin the poetry in the language of a game being called.


Silky smooth

You’ve gotta love that.
That’s a double with style.
He had 1 and 11 last year.

And the Reds have the go-away run.
At third with Jose Peraza
Let’s check in downstairs

You can hit
Or bunt
It’s your choice

Get ‘em on
Get ‘em over
Get ‘em in

In a big situation right here
Nowhere near the strike zone
The go-ahead run

Has to duck underneath that line drive
I’d be thrilled to do that again
You know what I mean?
Oh, youth.

I’ll tell you one thing right now, though.
This is not going to get the run in.

Igelesias doesn’t run, he glides
I mean, just silky smooth.



  1. Nice.

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